Linksys 1 45 7 not updating dyndns

It seems IPSec really throws a kink in the XP client. I had downloaded a demo of Greenbow but never got around to installing it or playing with it. I am trying to setup a VPN WAN using an RV082 at the main site and a mix of BEFSX41's and WRV54G's depending on whether or not I require wireless. Linksys support told me the only way for the 'SX41 to work was to set it up with IP Only security and then we would have to change the IP in the RV082 everytime the dynamic IP changed in the 'SX41. So far, all of these are connected to Cable Modems for 'net access. (Setup of several such FQDNs at is free.)2) Firmware for the BEFSX41: Version 1.45.7This was a Linksys beta release, but continues to be the most stable for the BEFSX41.

I would really like something I could call and talk to someone the first few times it is set up. The RV082 is really not living up to the claims made by Linksys Sales. Thanks I need to know which router has the Static IP and Dynamic IP and which one is your main router? Links to this firmware are available at in the Linksys forum. This is sort of getting away from my orginal post, but....

I do NOT provide personal assistance through chat or phone...please don't ask.

If your on a different subnet, devices (computers) that are connected to your Host can't talk to devices that are connected to the Repeater.

What do y'all suggest as far as software VPN clients when connecting to Linksys routers.

Linksys support keeps suggesting the Win XP client but after looking at the hoops you have to make the OS jump through I figured there has to be a better way. One is to a Wrv54G with a static IP and the other is to a BEFXS41 with a dynamic. I've setup a stable tunnel between two BEFSX41s (both on dynamic IP) and from an RV082 (also on dynamic IP) to each of the BEFSX41s. There are a couple finer points, though.1) Use DDNS setup in each dynamic IP router to keep a Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) up-to-date with the current dynamic IP address of the router.

If you are trying to set up a network where all devices can access each other and share each others data then you need a bridged it for into problems.know...maybe we can come up with another solution.

Fixed WPA or WPA2 phassphrase does truncates only allows for 20 characters.

I just use my home internet connection from work to make the hours fly by.

Tue Oct 31 2006: INADYN: Started 'INADYN Advanced version 0.1.4' - dynamic DNS updater.

I connect the first time, and I don't receive any packets back.

I disconnect and reconnect to the VPN and it works fine. But it's been a life saver to get around the work firewall that puts a damper on my World of Warcraft time.

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We'll see how stable it is once we turn end users loose on it. I have Windows Server 2003 with a Link Sys BEFVP41 Router. I need to get 3-5 clients running Windows XP Pro access to the server. Set up a host computer with static-ip ( up Router VPN ports to point to 150Set the 150 computer to accept incomming connections (username/password)Have Client VPN to router's internet IP adddress.

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