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This week CS are finishing my wife's interviews and then I assume taking several weeks to fill in the pamphlet that is the parenting assessment and pass to 'managers' for a decision.

Throughout the last 2 months it has become quite apparent that CS's intention is to convince my wife to end or marriage and not allow me back to the family home.

I am also not allowed to facetime/skype or have my wife send me pictures of our daughter.

They informed us that they were raising the case status to child protection and also public law outline (PLO) at the same time.

They have presented her as a risk by the fact that she continues to stand by me and also because she wrote me a character reference for the court.

She has stated that she does not believe I would harm any child and this has contributed to CS's assertion I am a risk.

To minimise the risk to patients, people who use their phone are advised to wash their hands before they come into direct contact with the patient.

Read the answers to more questions about NHS services and treatments.

I have now had my parenting assessment interviews by CS and an interview with police offender management unit who are completing an 'ARMS' assessment.I could not return home to my wife and daughter (aged 2) and was only allowed access under supervision by (at first) my extended family members and then eventually my wife was allowed to supervise me out and about (but not inside my temporary address for some reason).This was under the terms of my bail and supervision conditions were set by CS.Eli Broad (upper right) has urged senators to vote against Betsy De Vos (left), branding her 'unprepared and unqualified' - a charge Amy Schumer (bottom right) mirrored on a sign in Beverly Hills Thursday.It depends on the hospital’s policy on the use of mobile phones.

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