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The postcards that continued to be produced seemed to reach out to two different audiences.Many of the underlying social and political problems of the times were ignored by those of the war weary public that could, and the Roaring Twenties were marked by much frivolity and disregard for traditional values and authority.While most postcards in general were turning into nothing more that pretty pictures they were also being used to express political and social agendas in ever increasing numbers.Just as the postcard industry was seeing new growth it was suddenly faced with the onset of a great economic depression.Postcard subjects reflected this attitude by becoming generally light in nature.

Most resources as was transport were now diverted toward the military; and eventually men working in the printing trades were called up for military service at the battlefront.

Many of the resources required by printers suddenly became difficult to find or denied to them completely as they were diverted towards war production.

Even so postcards continued to be manufactured and purchased for they played an important role in keeping up wartime morale, and were also an important tool in spreading propaganda.

Three types of cards would dominate this period, all influenced by hard economic realities if not political ones; white border cards, hand colored cards, and those printed in monochromes.

Both linen and photochrome cards would have their introduction in these years, but as with the First World War, the Second World War would again usher in austerities, and delay the production photochrome cards in any significant numbers.

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