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Her secret talent is that she tends to be the queen bee. But in any case, allowing ourselves to be open to surprise (the good and the bad) yields a far more substantive life and network of relationships.

That’s perhaps why dating online can be hard, and why we tend to value the “organic” day-to-day interactions or real-life meets.

But I think I started paying more attention to him because he started ignoring me a little bit. What is that voice that Andrea has that you want to maybe share, or really appreciate? There are so many ideas that flow with her that it’s hard to pin-point just one. Try to help her make that voice heard, whether it’s real estate or working with kids or what have you. So him helping me is like focusing in and really get ideas ironed out — really help. You’ll both have that opportunity, but before, I’d like to ask you what Kathryn, who I met yesterday, wanted to ask you.

he taught a ballroom club class thing in college which I found really interesting. You’ve mentioned that you like to help others to get their voice heard. It’s like a collaboration sort of issue mixed in there. Here are some documents on how to actually — blogs, best that I can find.” Just anything I can do to help her out. Like, if you can ask a Stranger anything, what would you ask?

Just enabling people that don’t have the ability to get their voice heard.

I’ve worked with, actually, a lot of companies that work with children. I’m curious, David, if you could describe who she is, how would you do that?

It doesn’t sound like communication, per se, but it really is. Let me help you set up this blogging engine at one point. I like to ask the Stranger of the Day — in this case, there are two of you — what would you like to ask anyone?

I bounced around so many different careers, so many different things just trying to figure out who I am, and where I fit into things. If something catches her eye that she really wants to try…

What question would you like to ask tomorrow’s Stranger? What’s the motto or the aphorism, or otherwise, the saying that you live by? It was nice to ask and meet two another couple today who I had never met or seen before.

Last Saturday morning, I met Travis and Briana (the combined Stranger 85) at the Toyota Service Center.

Didn’t know what, but as she did so, I made up my mind that I wanted to flip the table a little bit and interview her.

I wasn’t sure if I would ask her, though, or her husband.

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He said that when something catches your eye, you kind of pour yourself into it.

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