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I recently came across Sapio: and was wondering if it was true sapiosexual dating or just a marketing effort. He was so cool to be a nerd, but so sad on Nimoy’s passing out of this planet.

I looked at the two questions on their home page for Jennifer, 27 and just have no idea. Wish we could have performed advanced surgery from the 23rd century to cure his COPD.

I just tried to deconstruct the logic of the questions and just came up empty. The Ok Cupid site did a lot better at using questions to help match people. Maybe this should be a reminder to anyone who smokes – it kills.

A few extra features (suited to the brainy members) include trivia, IQ tests, quizzes and more.You won’t find that on many dating sites, rest assured!Blog posting is big on this site too, and you can write as many posts as you like, following and commenting on messages that other members post.Brainiac is a dating and social network where intelligent, educated people can share thoughts, ideas, chat with one another, and possibly meet a “brainy” soul mate.There's already a lively community of smart men and women there on the site to be discovered.

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