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Most notably, these are the Haʻamonga ʻa Maui and the Langi terraced tombs.

The Haʻamonga is 5 meters high and made of three coral-lime stones that weigh more than 40 tons each.

What is known about Tonga before European contact comes from myths, stories, songs, poems, (as there was no writing system) as well as from archaeological excavations.

Nonetheless, reaching the Tongan islands (without Western navigational tools and techniques) was a remarkable feat accomplished by the Lapita peoples.

Not much is known about Tonga before European contact because of the lack of a writing system during prehistoric times other than the oral history told to the early European explorers.

The Lapitan diaspora began from Papua New Guinea in 1500 B. By 2850 BP(900BCE) they were already in Tonga, meaning they virtually sprinted east for three hundred years.

They travelled in small wooden boats over open ocean to invisible destinations faster than the Europeans colonizers walked across their continent.

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The first time the Tongan people encountered Europeans was in April 1616 when Jacob Le Maire and Willem Schouten made a short visit to the islands to trade.

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