The effect of internet dating on families

Existing literature on customer emotions devotes much attention to post-consumption emotions, which are feelings elicited towards actual external stimuli.

However, little is known about the concrete impact of consumers’ anticipatory emotions — the pre-factual, mentally stimulated emotions due to anticipation of possible outcomes — on consequent volition behaviours that are cognitive-driven where individuals are determined to act in a planned way.

Managers are struggling to keep their customers motivated: Thomas Enraght-Moony, CEO of, complained that ‘there are 93 million single people in America — only 3 million use online dating services. In this study, I aim to investigate the causal link between anticipatory emotions (affective process of cyber-psychology) and volitions (cognitive process of cyber-behaviour).

This study examines the relationship between the emotions elicited in users when using an e-service and their motivational volition behaviour developed with this e-service provider.

Anticipatory emotions can be further divided into positive and negative ones in terms of valence.Nevertheless, a highly emotional context like online dating has received relatively little attention.This is an important issue because online dating customers’ emotions emerge during or even before the dating service encounter, whereas I would traditionally treat customer emotions as post-consumption emotions at the end of the service delivery.These processes typically require several effortful submissions of NUTs before proceeding to the next steps.For a registered dating user, there are about six NUTs on average (eg, personal information, self-description, lifestyle, expected perfect match, personal ad and photo uploading) to be completed before the service provider offers matching suggestions.

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