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You may remember Valley Forge from Junior High history, but to refresh your memory, it was where the American Revolutionary soldiers wintered in 1777-1778. In earlier battles, Washington’s two horses were shot out from under him and four bullets passed through his coat. He was a man of exemplary character: Fact – it’s a lot easier to take direction from a general, a coach, a CEO, or a dad who also leads from the front in terms of moral character. How we treat service personnel, subordinates at work, people on the telephone, the guy at the garage, our family members, all impacts the effectiveness of our role as a leader. He held his men accountable: Along with respect came expectation. Washington was respected as a man of faith more for what he did than what he said. He took his responsibilities seriously: Washington did not want to come out of retirement and the life he enjoyed at his estate and then lead a new nation. But, he also knew that the mark of a leader is to use the gifts you have and to use them for the betterment of the world.

can scarcely be paralleled.” Approximately 2,500 American soldiers died in Valley Forge that year. They would go anywhere with him and do anything for him. He treated others with the utmost respect: Washington treated the lowliest private with the dignity and respect he afforded a visiting dignitary from Philadelphia. He was not the kind of leader who gave fine speeches and then returned to the comforts of his own tent.

Liz Bourke My perennial complaint about making a choice of favourite books is limiting myself to that handful.

Staying within bounds and not letting my utter joy at all the books I’ve loved this year overflow the cup… If I have to choose one book from this year to recommend that everyone read, it’s Aliette de Bodard’s beautiful, striking, gothic and intense , and set in a decaying Paris in the aftermath of a destructive magical war.

They will regularly Shoot the Dog and carry out a Zero-Approval Gambit.

It’s hard to pick just a few of my favorites, but here I go: Ok I’m going to cheat here and mention two titles in one paragraph: , both from Open Letter Books.Fallen angels, dragon kingdoms under the Seine, immigrant communities, families both made and born: the chains you accept and the ones you refuse.Similar in theme but also vastly different is Foz Meadows’ portal fantasy . No, what Washington demonstrated is why he was willing, and it wasn’t for his own glory, it was for the cause and for the welfare of those who looked up to him and trusted him. He was personally invested in the cause: The great general put his money where his mouth was. How secure is your family in the knowledge of your love for them? He placed the welfare of his men ahead of his own: It’s not just that Washington was willing to take a bullet – there’s no glory in vain bravado.

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