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"Not everyone gets cold sores, because most of us have immune systems that are strong enough to suppress an outbreak," Dr. But when you're fighting a cold or are just extra stressed, your immune system is already taxed.That makes it more likely for a cold sore to get through your usual defenses, she says.In 2011, it was estimated that 1.9 per cent of London prostitutes had unsuspected gonorrhoea in their throats.It's likely that they would give the germ to men whom they fellated.

By 2013, it was clear that these fears were justified.

But in most cases, the safest thing to do is keep your mouth away from someone else's genitals until after the cold sore is treated.

Beyond genital-touching, you should also avoid kissing and sharing eating utensils while you have an outbreak, she says.

In the throat, the germ can cause inflammation, formation of pus and sometimes soreness.

But often, it causes no symptoms at all, and the person just 'carries' it.

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