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All Bush's Cronies have to do is engineer a major attack and they can take complete control over North America the way they have always wanted too.-]dude! the 1st terror attack in the US didn't start on 9-11....1st WTC attack was in 1992.was done by a different cell, using a different strategy but the goal was the same!......took 9 years for them to do it again..........these pple are very not do anything half-baked....they do it on their own time!)....mob was feeling the squeeze and probably threatened to expose everyone involved.......given this, the cooperative decision was made to whack to neutralize Rfk, which is exactly what happened........also explains why RFK himself got whacked in the election year 1968. If you check the coronary reports on Kennedy you will find he took at least two hits.One through the through and then the infamous headshot.It's only been until a few months and now the media is back to scaring the population again.If the whole War on Terror thing weren't bogus the "terrorists" would have struck North America bigtime by now. Thats plenty pic[-Our leaders are doing nothing but sheeping us over a cliff. Bush's cronies are making more money than they know what to do with, so why the hek would they wanna take control of the country and mess everything up!sum1: Kennedy did have major runins with the CIA... All you really have to do is turn off your Fox News.

When did a US citizen ever pass up a chance to put in a good word about China, or France? I'm paraphrasing but he pretty much said that the Constitution was half in the grave at this point.

and have been keeping pressure on them all this time.(what? PS, I agree with the last paragraph by sum1reelat worldyes, JFK had run-ins with the CIA but in the end he prevailed....whole missle crisis was resolved by judgement calls.......bay of pigs situation was very touchy, jfk, didn't want to set a precedence of directly supporting an invasion as, then the Russians would have followed suit in europe and else where!

i think the reason he got whacked was that he crossed the mob.....pledged their total support (in return for favors of course) to jfk, given his father's involvement......isn't to say that there weren't any rogue elements within the gov, who wanted him out, but the mob, is not just a single entity.....government officials and agencies were intertwined with organized crime, so when Jfk sent his brother Bobby after them (why he did this i'll never know!

Whenever people come forward with a story or hard evidence the media does not set out to prove the story wrong.

All the media does is write it off as a conspiracy theory and then they change the subject.

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One more nail in the coffin and overnight the freeworld will need a more suiting name.

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