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Put someone in charge of taking pictures of both the bride and some guests to capture the expressions of those funny replies. If you are, or know of someone tech savvy record with a camera or smart phone your interview with the groom. Then have a DVD made of the whole encounter of the questions asked and both the couples answers. Ask him your chosen queries and record his answers on a separate sheet of paper. Tell him he is not permitted to share the questions asked or mention any of his answers. We will come back to this in a moment, as far as the specific questions you will want some easy and a few difficult questions that you will be asking the groom first, prior to the bridal shower, then the bride the day of the party. " or "What is the other person's favorite restaurant to eat out at? " Once you have your list of questions schedule a little alone time with the groom away from his fiance'.

Feel free to customize them to the "almost" newlyweds.

Pass out the index cards (with only one question each) to your guests, or in case of a larger bridal shower, one or two cards per table of guests. and give table number one, card one, table number two, card two, or you can call out "Who has card number one?

" All of the questions will be read aloud by each guest or table representative, however the bride will not answer at this time.

Once the questions have all been answered you can tally up the answers and see who really knew the couple of was just a lucky guesser. Have someone in charge or writing her replies down and indicate if her answer matches the grooms reply.

Once completed you will ask whoever is holding the index card with the first question to read it aloud again. Once the laughter has died down move on to question number two, three etc. You will be amazed at some of the answers you will get from the bride and some will be nowhere close to the grooms responses.

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