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All abstracts submitted in compliance with the July IB 1972 deadline for proposals are Includid, and a reasonable effort has been made JO incorporate late submissions.Some abstracts have been edited in the interests of clarity or brevity whsre this seemed necessary and could be done without altering the substanci.DOCUMENT RISUME ED 07a 089 TM 002 452 AUTHOR TITLE INSTITUTION PUB DATE NOTE EDRS PRICE DESCRIPTORS Stivers^ Patricia E. American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting^ 1973.

MERRITT, Indiana Slate University, ■and JOHN W, SANDE RS, Westmir College of Iowa This study used Blumberg's Supervisory Model as the basis of an examination of relationships between perceived supervisory style of pooperating teachers and expressed teaching confldenci of preservlce teachers.Equating Study in LMrning 19.14 Bihsvioral Eff,,» of Children in the Class- 17.02 Cost Effoctiv«n«ss Aniiiysii in ldueatlc.-i room; Concept, Application, and Impll Bfllions for 19.10 Centributlon of Evaluatior, ,o School Systam Plan.'""^ S"-Fo"=^ Through Cl^srooms "'^^ 19.18 Evqiuation of Affemivo Factors in Education ERIC viii ABSTRACTS 2.02 STUDIES \N PUPIL CONTROL (C) Social Exchange in the Eiamentary School Clasiro Gm: The Froblem of Teacher Legitlmition of Sociil Power RALPH W.Teacher power orientation showed strong negative relit ionships to peer influences ind peer group centrality.Comblnationi of ttacher leadership modes based on task, expressive, snd power orientations were strong influences on classroom climates.

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  1. Verbal interactions can be stifled because of concerns about being “listened to” and scrutinized by the residents’ family leading to textbook-like care.