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She won the Critics' Circle Theatre Award and Evening Standard Theatre Award for her performance in the play Suddenly, Last Summer, held in 2004 at the Lyceum Theatre.

As the sun set over Brighton and the last night of partying began at the Labour conference, Simon Danczuk and new girlfriend Claire Hamilton walked out of the Grand Hotel and she slipped her arm through his.

At last night's party she tried to stop people filming Jeremy Corbyn's speech if she thought they were fans of the Labour leader.

Online she says she is a mum, and is a member of the Unison union working at a local secondary school in Lancashire.

This is the upper-class compromised by appeasement – a spot more Kazuo Ishiguro than Julian Fellowes – and as such, perhaps not as wholesome as ITV’s world-beating ratings juggernaut.

“That’s what I liked about the show”, says Williams.

I’m so very lucky and I don't underestimate that.” Williams is remaining in the 1940s for her latest role, in ITV’s , playing Lady Priscilla Hamilton, the long-suffering wife of the owner of a grand London hotel during the Blitz.

“There was one who was a lady-in-waiting, which is the one I was largely playing, and Lady Randolph, who ended up being Winston Churchill’s mother, but who was actually shagging Bertie the future king [Edward VII, played by Izzard].

“People left the country because there weren't enough people to staff the houses and moved into hotels in London”, says Williams.

“Lady Priscilla’s not very likeable, which I like about her.

The film will be distributed by 20th Century Fox Film Australia and the managing director Marc Wooldridge said they were lucky to find an "original and entertaining" script.

He said "We are so lucky to have discovered such an original and entertaining female driver script, with broad appeal among an under-served cinema audience."Izzard has just off the back of the success of the hit comedy/drama 'Victoria and Abdul' where he starred as Bertie - who became Edward VII - alongside Dame Judi Dench.

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