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There's just something about that Criminal Minds star Matthew Gray Gubler that makes him so unassuming and so attractive.Maybe it's his fluffy hair, or his goofy demeanor, or his unapologetic love of life, but whatever it is has me — and scores of people across the world — wishing that he was our very own.

As she leans over her co-star, the intimate moment between the pair appears to be rather dramatic, as she is pictured with her hands around his neck, before clasping onto his face and mouth.Clearly unfazed by her performance, Anna Lynne's Liza playfully remarks: 'I was a bad girl last night, wasn't I?' - only for him to weakly smile and nod back at his lover.Other times, however, they remain guest stars due to difficulties modifying the opening titles.Often with many cases exclusivity can have an effect.

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