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Are you dating a smart guy or a guy who seems to have the perfect answer for anything?Compliment his knowledgeable side and let him know just how awesome he is.After all, his guy friends just won’t walk up to him and say “hey, you look good today! So if you’re dating a guy who holds his moral principles firm and close, say something nice about it.” So compliment his appearance and he’ll never forget it. “You know, I’ve never met a guy who’s as just as you.He’ll love it, especially when he thinks his friends are a reflection of himself. Hearing you say “I love what you do, it’s so meaningful…” will make him feel as appreciated as a promotion. And when he’s all glistening with sweat, compliment him about his awesome superman strength. “God, you’re so big it’s hurting me” will make him swell even more.Guys like to know they’re making a big impact when they enter a girl.

And he may even blush or feel happily awkward about it! You may be helping him pick out his wardrobe, but when he comes out to meet you looking like a gorgeous mannequin on the move, go right ahead and compliment him about it. Guys don’t get too many compliments about the way they look.If you’re dating a guy who makes your pee your shorts, make sure you place your hand on his cheek, look at him sideways and compliment him about his sense of humor. But nevertheless, if he has a great bunch of friends with whom he’s really close, try your best to get along with them.And later, tell your man just how nice his friends were. Or is he a slacker who always finds ways to complete his work on time? Or ask him to help you carry a big bag up a flight of stairs.Speak highly of him in front of his friends or your family. Does your man have a deep baritone that gives you happy gooseflesh when he whispers in your ears?He may behave like he’s embarrassed about the flattery, but secretly, he’d love the fact that you’re speaking so highly of him. Compliment his voice and he’ll remember your words every time he says a word.

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  1. Today, nearly half of the public knows someone who uses online dating or who has met a spouse or partner via online dating – and attitudes toward online dating have grown progressively more positive.