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The writers like it when Lucy's crazy."Q: Has the show changed at all since Aaron Spelling's death. I haven't been on all 11 seasons, I've been on five now.

I think it's always been creator, Brenda Hampton's baby. I think as long as she's around and her writing staff of course, it'll always be the successful show its been for 11 seasons."Q: What's ahead for Lucy and Kevin? I honestly don't know anything about what's going on and I've never asked. I've heard horror stories of other actors who were on the show before I was and they'd go up to the writing staff or Brenda Hampton and say, 'how about my character does this or that,' and shortly thereafter, they're no longer part of the show!

They brought me on to play Beverly's love interest on the show for a couple episodes and all of a sudden, it turned into marriage.

It was weird how it happened, I thought I was going to be on for a couple episodes and that was it!

Many times, we connect with a character and forget there's a real person behind the role.

After being discovered literally right off the street, George Stults and his equally talented brother Geoff took Hollywood by storm and since then, they have never taken their good fortune for granted.

I was fortunate enough to chat with George recently and found that he is not only as cool and down-to-earth as his character on 7th Heaven, but is definitely one of the most grateful actors in Hollywood -- a rare find these days.

Q: I've heard that you were discovered while out in public, what is the story behind that?

When my brother got back in town, I told him the story and he said, ' Dude, you've got to call...for me!My brother and I had one of our good friends who we went to high school with, who was actually working for a theatrical agency in Hollywood, but I knew nothing about the entertainment industry - never, ever thought I would.My brother was away visiting back in Colorado and I went out to visit my friend in Hollywood.George: "I'm pretty much the same way I was before the show, I just have a little more money.My brother and I still live in the same craphole apartment because we're too lazy to move.

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