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Maybe you’re experiencing something similar and/or have advice on how to improve their situation? I’m hoping some of you can chime in and share some of your thoughts?I’m his second wife and he’s got two children from a previous marriage. The custodial parent, ex-wife, gets 60% of his net income for two children.She lives 9 hours away so we get the children on long breaks, summers, etc. Two whole pay checks plus part of another go straight to her!Anyways, don’t feel bad cause I know exactly what you are going through.Reply Perhaps you should have considered child support before marrying someone who was paying child support to two different women. I hope you aren’t able to claim “injured spouse” or better yet, maybe you will owe the IRS.So now I’m trying to figure out how I can stick it to those money hungry brats by trying to find out if I can claim one of the children and still file injured spouse on our joint return.

He knows the children are his financial responsibility too… He and his ex-wife both bring home about 00 per month.She then did not come back home one nite as she was with a male cheating on me, her money went into my savings account, that’s adds up to £160..If i draw it out the bank that’s in my name can she press any charges against me for doing so?? Asap many thanks kelly Reply Some individuals just be talking out the ass. Reply My husband has 3 kids from a previous relationship.Only, we’re only able to see about 00 /- of his money after witholdings and CS. but ultimately, he’d just pay out more and they payoff to us wouldn’t be worth the time away from home?I knew when I married him I’d be taking a financial hit, and I have. You can imagine the resentment I feel for working my butt off to pay for someone else’s kids. My husband and I both have good jobs with good benefits.

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