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Surely this is a big deal if men like me or in a worse situation are hurt if this is not stopped. I had been exchanging e.mails with a 27-year old from your home city for about a month.She had responded to me from an ad I have on Asian Friendfinder.She responded back that she was in great despair because her mum had borrow 5 to buy stocks and the telephone company she invested in went bankrupt.The sum was no big deal but the story didn't make sense.I have already sent her the traditional 0.00 visa scam dollars. I to feel your body near to mine, I want, that we to be kissed and to be embraced, I want you, I know, that at us all will be good. My apparent scam story matches several of the ones on you web site. The poor poverty stricken young women who lives in an apartment with her mum, has grandfather and earns US per month in wages. I even dream how I'm with you we go for a walk together, that we sit in restaurant at candles, it is very perfect dream and I want, that it was on the present. I know, that you too so think, I love you and I want to be only with you!!!!Every letter she sent was straight from the Date Scammer's handbook. I have sent you the letter with the information yesterday. I - necessary need(requirement) the visa and passport, and also document of insurance and hospital. I am written down on reception in the transport company on Monday. I have learned(found out) that money can be sent through system of remittances Western Union. Me has dreamed, that we with you to have supper together. There were very many dishes, which I have prepared for you. Then I to approach(suit) to you behind and to close to you eyes. We have sat down a table and I to feed you Russian kitchen and to pour you good wine. When I offered to send her a ticket for half the price she said she already got the ticket and had to pay the person back for it. She talked about her mother giving her advice about me and her uncle who harvested mushrooms for the family. When I told her about my children, she did not respond to that at all.After receiving this request, I sent her a link to an article regarding dating scams, and asked her if this was what she was doing. I shall give back back documents concerning registration. Here is the data: Russia, city Ekaterinburg, street Bluhera 63-a apartments 173. Only inform me number of translation both address and surname. You at once have named my name and has turned to me. Then you too have told to me, that you have surprise for me. THANK YOU BOBBYThe scammers don't even care what you write as long as there is a sequence of emails. I said I found one for half the price of 0 she was asking for, she did not respond to this question. She wrote for a month insisting for money until I told her I would not send any more.

Then it is apparent she needs money to pay for insurance which is supposed to be a 0 US dollars which is refundable after a safe airline journey.I at you want to ask, and what we shall do(make) in the beginning, when I arrive to you, we shall go somewhere and to look something, to travel? The name and place has changed again.time it is Natalia Derevyashkina (sometimes spelt Natalya Deryashkina) who resides in Salekhard, North Russia, works as a cashier in a grocery store and falls in love after about 4 email messages that arrived regularly every 2-3 days.Write to me please what you think, what we shall do? She mentions she has no phone at home and uses computer at work.Also her pictures are professionally done, are always sent with the file #.jpg; in one of them she is holding a camcorder that must cost a fortune.She mentioned early on that she had been to see about a visa and that she did not have the 0 for it.

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